Review Policy

I am selectively accepting books for review at this time. 

Either print copies or e-books are accepted and I prefer .mobi format for Kindle. I generally read Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, etc...

My reviews tend to be short and to the point because I try not to spoil the story for other readers. All of the opinions expressed in my review are solely mine. I do not believe in stealing others thoughts. Therefore, in any instance of similarity in other reviews, I can guarantee it is coincidental. At least on my part. I do not guarantee a positive review of your book. I will state what I experienced with plot, characters, etc. Also, I prefer to be warned if the author is giving me an unedited version of their book. Bad formatting and errors absolutely murder most books for me, and I will address this in the review if necessary. I also have the right to take as long as I need to properly read/review book. I will try to do it within 2 months, but sometimes "life gets in the way of progress." If I cannot finish the book, I will not review it. But that rarely happens because I do appreciate the passion authors have and at least want to give the book a full chance if possible. If for some reason I cannot finish the book, I will not review it and will do my best to e-mail the author to tell them such.

Also, I participate in Book Tours, Blog Hops, Guest Posts and Cover Reveals!
If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to e-mail me. Never hurts to ask!

Please include this information in your Review Request:

*Author (Pic would be appreciated as well)
*Synopsis of book
*Format of book (what kind, is it rough or ready for the public, etc...)
*Author Email
*Author Links (websites, blogs, Goodreads, etc...)

Requests may be submitted to me by email:

FTC Compliance
I do not receive any compensation for reviewing books on my blog. 
All of the books I review are purchased by me or
 I have received in exchange for an honest review. 

Below is an explanation of my rating system. 
This rating system is based solely upon my personal opinions. 
Please feel free to contact me with any comments/questions. 






I am including the definitions to these ratings below. 

Perfect: Excellence in all respects
Exceptional: Unusually excellent; superior
Adequate: As good as necessary for purpose
Lacking: Being without something; wanting
Disaster: Something that fails completely
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