Thursday, October 30, 2014

Think Out Loud #114: Alphabet Aerobics

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The following video will blow your mind...
especially if you like Harry Potter!!
Let's just say Daniel Radcliffe
has some mad rappin skills!

The always awesome...

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Daniel Radcliffe raps Alphabet Aerobics

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teaser Tuesday #52: Grip (Slip #2) by David Estes

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Happy moments are like stars. 
They seem so close you think you can touch them, 
but really they're fleeting and a million miles away. 
Enjoy them from afar and don't come to expect them. 
In your life there will be more cloudy nights than clear ones.

This Teaser is from a book that has yet to be released!!!
It's so new, there isn't a cover for it at this time.

In a tumultuous world of population control, one illegal child has slipped through the cracks. Now, as a teenager, Benson Kelly has escaped certain deaths at the hands of the Department of Population Control, only to find himself the symbol of a rebellion, something he never intended.

While trying to survive one day at a time, Benson seeks to unravel the tangled knot of secrets left behind when his father died, the key to which has something to do with his mother, Janice Kelly, recently escaped from the insane asylum.

As the rebel group known as the Lifers continue to use brute force to send a message to the government, Benson's twin, Harrison Kelly, seeks to exploit a loophole that could be the key to freedom for his brother. All that's required is a simple act of murder. 

Meanwhile, Population Control's attack dog, a sadistic cyborg known as The Destroyer, closes in on Benson and his family. His directive: Kill them all.

Faith, family and love will be pushed to the limits in the GRIPping sequel to Slip.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Think Out Loud #113: All About That Bass

Hello all!
Welcome to Think Out Loud!
I have STILL been neglecting my blog
and haven't written a review since like July!
I know no one probably still checks out this blog,
but I am still going to try to get back in the blogging groove.
I was happier when I connected with bloggers/authors/people.
Lately, I have been a true hermit.
Not leaving the house and sleeping constantly.
Even avoiding the internet.
Sounds fun, but it's really not...

Anyways, I am trying to inject some joy into my life.
For some reason, this silly song makes me so happy.
I am including the Original music video and then
a video of kids reacting to the song/video.
Very interesting...

All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

Kids React to All About That Bass


Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor and The Roots Sing
 "All About That Bass" (w/ Classroom Instruments)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blast! Brew by David Estes

Salem’s Revenge strikes without warning or mercy, ravaging the powerless human race under the forces of united gangs of witches, wizards, and warlocks. During the slaughter, Rhett Carter's foster parents and sister are killed, and his best friend and girlfriend are abducted by a gang of witches calling themselves the Necromancers, who deal in the dark magic of raising the dead. Rhett’s sword-wielding neighbor with a mysterious past saves Rhett from becoming another casualty of the massacre and teaches him the skills he needs to survive in this new world.

Rhett is broken, his normal high school life of book blogging and football playing shoved in a witch-apocalyptic blender. The only thing he has left is his burning desire for revenge. Armed with his new witch hunting skills and a loyal, magic powered dog named Hex, he sets out into the unknown with one mission: hunt and destroy those who took away everyone he ever loved.

But Rhett isn’t just a witch hunter; He has secrets of his own that he has yet to discover, secrets that his enemies will stop at nothing to keep him from.

And discovering the truth about himself is the human race’s only hope.
Revenge. That’s all that’s left for witch hunter Rhett Carter. The magic-born have stripped everything from him - killed his friends, cursed his warlock father, shattered his future - leaving him bare and broken, but not dead. Their mistake.

When Rhett and Laney are suddenly thrust in different directions, Rhett must decide who to trust and who to kill. Backed by his trusty canine sidekick Hex, Rhett will embark on his deadliest mission yet, one that will lead him directly toward those who want him dead, pushing his unique resistance to magic to the edge and back again as he tries to remove his father’s curse.

Separated from Rhett, Laney seeks to understand the strange changes to her sister, Trish, who’s believed to be the last living Clairvoyant, and what role she’s destined to play in the future of humankind.

Wrapped around everything are four major groups: the Necromancers, the Changelings, the witch hunters, and New America, the remnants of humanity. When the major forces are brought together for an epic battle, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Click to purchase BREW

Get both Brew and its sequel, Boil, the first two books in the Salem's Revenge series, for a special price of $0.99 each for a limited time only (Amazon Kindle exclusive: Brew until October 17th; Boil until October 7th) Click on the above buttons to take advantage of this limited time deal!

Goodreads  ●  David's Blog    Twitter  ●  Facebook    Tumblr  and his  Goodreads Fan Group      

David Estes was born in El Paso, Texas but moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he was very young. David grew up in Pittsburgh and then went to Penn State for college. Eventually he moved to Sydney, Australia where he met his wife. They now live together in their dream location, Hawaii. A reader all his life, he began writing novels for the children's and YA markets in 2010, and started writing full time in June 2012. Now he travels the world writing with his wife, Adele. David's a writer with OCD, a love of dancing and singing (but only when no one is looking or listening), a mad-skilled ping-pong player, and prefers writing at the swimming pool to writing at a table.

To celebrate the launch of Brew and Boil, David Estes is also giving away FREE Kindle copies of his popular YA dystopian AND adventure book, Fire Country. Just click the above link to nab your free copy.

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