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Review: Scorpion Shards (Star Shards Chronicles #1) by Neal Shusterman

Book Title: Scorpion Shards (Star Shards Chronicles #1)
Author: Neal Shusterman
Published: May 7, 2013
Publisher: Simon and Shuster
Format: Hardcover; 256pg
ISBN: 1442451149
Source: Library
Barnes and Noble

Six teens struggle to discover the source of their strange and horrific abilities in this first book of The Star Shards Chronicles.

Dillon has the terrifying power to create massive amounts of destruction with the slightest tweak of his will. Deanna is so consumed by fear, it has become like a black hole, drawing to her the very things that terrify her. Then, when the glare of a supernova sixteen light-years away illuminates the night sky, they have a vision: There are six of them out there, all teenagers, and all suffering from supernatural afflictions that disfigure their bodies and souls. Only by finding one another will the six ever be strong enough to defeat these mysterious forces that, bit by bit, are devouring their souls from the inside out.

Scorpion Shards was a freak-tastically trippy and wicked read. It begins with the story of Dillon Cole aka the Destroyer. Dillon has the affliction of the "wrecking hunger" which makes him want to cause catastrophes. Dillon isn't the only one with problems though. Winston is growing backwards, Michael is consumed with lust, Lourdes grows larger every day, Deanna has intense fears and Tory is infested with disease. None of them have ever met, but that is going to change because they all feel an unexplainable pull towards the others. And once they finally get together, nothing will ever be the same.

I just love the no holds barred voice of the author, Neal Shusterman. The characters he has created are so multifaceted and really embody the tormented soul. I felt their pains and developed such empathy for the characters. I related to the character of Lourdes the most, because I am overweight myself. Sometimes it feels like it has control of me and it is suffocating. I also empathized with Deanna, who suffers from a crippling, constant fear of EVERYTHING. My anxiety gets the best of me a lot, so I could feel where she was coming from too.

Overall, a gripping read that makes me definitely want to continue the series! This book was just as good as Unwind by Shusterman and I look forward to finding out more about what the Shards are doing...

5 stars to Scorpion Shards!

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