Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goodreads ARC Giveaway! Descending by Indi Martin

Hello all!
I wanted to let you know about a great Goodreads Giveaway going on until Feb 15th.
It is for Book 2 in the Gina Harwood series; Descending, by Indi Martin!
The giveaway is for an Advanced Reader's Copy!!
Go enter the Giveaway now!!!
In Descending, Gina discovers a mysterious portal in an ordinary wall that leads somewhere few humans were meant to go, while a group of friends set out to make a music video in a creepy old house that goes terribly, horribly wrong.

Described as a cross between the X-Files and Call of Cthulhu, the second title in Indi Martin’s Gina Harwood promises even more suspense and surreal action than her first novel, Behind the Veil. 

Small excerpt from the first chapter follows:


Gina Harwood tried to calm her breathing, which was teetering on the edge of hyperventilation. Her heartbeat pounded heavily in her ears, a nonstop drumming flurry that caused her to clap her hands to her ears and squeeze her eyes shut, counting in her head to quiet herself. Experimentally, she cracked one eye open again and peered across the room at the hole that had suddenly appeared in her wall. Her strawberry hair was slick with fear-sweat, dangling limply in her face and partially obscuring her vision, but not enough for her to miss the hellish black void that didn’t belong. She peeled her hands away from her ears and ran them roughly through her hair, pulling the damp locks away from her face. Forcing her trembling hands down to the recliner arms and her other eye fully open, she glared at the blackness that stood beyond the peeling plaster. Anger boiled inside her, shoving her fright aside, but re-quickening her heart.
That shouldn’t be there, she thought, quite logically. It wasn’t there before and it shouldn’t be there now. She nodded. That seemed true.
Standing at the edge of the hole, she looked back at her recliner, wondering briefly why she didn’t remember padding across the hardwood floors. Looking back into the abyss, she noticed a dull yellow glow emanating from deep below her. As she watched, the light expanded slightly, revealing edges that seemed to shimmer sickly, as though covered in some viscous liquid. She realized she was peering down a staircase.
Startled by the discovery, Gina took a few involuntary steps backward from the precipice.
“This is a dream,” she murmured weakly, wincing at the smallness of her voice. Steeling herself, she cleared her throat. “This is a DREAM,” she announced, clearly and strongly.
There was no indication that her surroundings cared a whit about her announcement. Her apartment still looked real and normal, except for the unwelcome portal that looked as though it had erupted forcefully from behind her wall. Unwilling to turn her back to it, she minced sideways until she reached the kitchen bar. Reaching over, she flipped the switch up. Cold white light immediately illuminated the room, blinding her, so she turned it back off again. Gina was not a total stranger to lucid dreaming, even lucid nightmares, and she stared in surprise at the switch. Light switches usually did not work, at least not as expected.
Frustrated, she grabbed her cell phone off the counter. “This definitely won’t work,” she whispered, glancing sidelong at the dull glow emanating from the hole in her wall. At her touch, the screen flickered on, reading 2:09am on October 10th. Gina’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and she brought the phone to her ear, tapping the speed dial as she did so.
She heard a faint click as the line went active.
A thin spiderweb of grey cracks started pulsating out from the hole, sending bits of drywall and paint flakes into the air.
She heard the first familiar ring in her ear, frozen.
The cracks accelerated across her walls and ceiling, seeming to burn her scant pictures with invisible fire. Gina heard herself gasp as she watched one curl up and blacken to ash in an instant.
A second ring. Her hand gripped the phone to her head with such force that it made her ear ache, but she was only dimly aware of the pain. Her apartment tore itself apart around her. Deep, thunderous cracks sounded as her hardwood floor panels split and burst up into the air.
“...Hello?” Gina’s eyes widened as Snyder’s familiar but groggy voice answered the phone. Fear was finally fully loosed from its bonds, shooting ice water through her veins as the apartment destruction suddenly quieted around her, as though mindful that she were on the phone.
“Muh... muh...” she stammered with lips that felt too thick, trying to force her voice into a whisper, thoroughly unnerved by the sudden silence.
“Harwood? What the hell, it’s two in the morning, are you ok?” 
“Morgan,” she managed. “Help.” Her voice was still barely more than a whisper, her tongue fighting against forming words.
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