Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

Everything ChangesTitle: Everything Changes
Author: Jonathan Tropper
Published: March 28, 2006
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0385337426
Format: Ebook; 352pg
Source: Library
Purchase: Amazon


Jonathan Tropper’s novel The Book of Joe dazzled critics and readers alike with its heartfelt blend of humor and pathos. Now Tropper brings all that—and more—to an irresistible new novel. In Everything Changes, Tropper delivers a touching, wickedly funny new tale about love, loss, and the perils of a well-planned life.

To all appearances, Zachary King is a man with luck on his side. A steady, well-paying job, a rent-free Manhattan apartment, and Hope, his stunning, blue-blooded fiancĂ©e: smart, sexy, and completely out of his league. But as the wedding day looms, Zack finds himself haunted by the memory of his best friend, Rael, killed in a car wreck two years earlier—and by his increasingly complicated feelings for Tamara, the beautiful widow Rael left behind.

Then Norm—Zack’s freewheeling, Viagra-popping father—resurfaces after a twenty-year absence, looking to make amends. Norm’s overbearing, often outrageous efforts to reestablish ties with his sons infuriate Zack, and yet, despite twenty years of bad blood, he finds something compelling in his father’s maniacal determination to transform his own life. Inspired by Norm, Zack boldly attempts to make some changes of his own, and the results are instantly calamitous. Soon fists are flying, his love life is a shambles, and his once carefully structured existence is spinning hopelessly out of control.

Charged with intelligence and razor sharp wit, Everything Changes is at once hilarious, moving, sexy, and wise—a work of transcendent storytelling from an exciting new talent.

Everything Changes is the story of an extremely dysfunctional family. The "middleman" of the family has always been Zack and he prides himself on doing things the right way. The driving force behind the actions of Zack are found in his father, Norm. Norm is a royal screw-up at life in general and basically left his children. So, what do you think is going to happen when Zack, in his perfect adult life, is faced up against good ol' Norm again? One thing is for certain, and that is that everything is about to change.

Jonathan Tropper does a magnificent job of creating believable characters that I empathized with immediately. However, something about this book made me think it would have been a great Soap Opera. LoL. For real! There is cancer, break-ups, making out, illegitimate children and everything else thrown in but the kitchen sink! Yet, it is still plausible, because messed up stuff happens every day. Just usually not this many things at once to the same person.

If you appreciate a novel that is more grounded in reality checks, then this book is for you. It will definitely make you reconsider your life and possibly how awesome it is. This book did everything it was supposed to do, therefore...

5 stars to Everything Changes.

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