Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Think Out Loud #70: Kat Robichaud

Hello all!
Welcome to Think Out Loud!
This is a meme I host on Thursdays
that is awesome because it
bursts the blogging bubble!!
Please, come join in the awesomeness!

I am addicted to the reality show
The Voice!
So, I of course had to pick my fave to vote for and
you might have guessed who that is by now...


Kat on Facebook
Kat on Twitter @katrowbeeshow

She is an amazing singer and performer.
Here is the video of this weeks performance.
And Kat was safe this week!!!

Kat Robichaud - SAIL (AwolNation)

This Knockout Performance was probably my fave this season!
I loved it!

Holy shooot! 
I didn't realize she was in a band as well.
I just found it while YouTubing the above performances!
They are called The Design.
This is their official video for the song

Also, Amanda Palmer has thrown her support behind Kat as well!!
This excites me to no end. 
I am really hoping that her fans can all pull together for a win for Kat!

Here are some links to the Amanda Palmer Blog Posts.

In this one HERE, Amanda Palmer interviews Kat.
In this one HERE, Kat interviews Amanda Palmer.

It's all very interesting and helps the audience connect with them both!
Anyways, thanks for stopping by and I hope you join in the fun!

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