Thursday, November 7, 2013

Think Out Loud #69: Kurt Cobain

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If any of you are like me,
then you were certainly influenced in
some way by Nirvana and their lead singer
Kurt Cobain.
I found this "lost" interview really interesting
and I hope you do too.
I received this link HERE
from SPIN Magazine updates.

Cartoon Kurt Cobain talks about
School, Punk, Sexuality
in 1993 Interview

Nirvana fans have had a bounty of new-old content to feast on of late. There was, of course, the massive In Utero reissue and all of its multimedia accoutrements, and then the trilogy of early '90s interviews the grunge icons did with journalist James Sherry. Now comes another dusted-off bit of audio via PBS' animated "Blank on Blank" series. The franchise has unearthed a rare Q and;A that Kurt Cobain did on July 22, 1993 and set it to some pen-and-ink visuals. Speaking with writer Jon Savage, the late icon discusses a variety of topics, including his experience in high school.

"I felt so different and so crazy that people just left me alone," he says in the above clip, before joking. "I always felt that they would vote me 'Most Likely to Kill Everyone at a High School Dance.'" The rest of the five-minute short finds Cobain talking about his family's ancestry, his parents' divorce, punk rock, his sexuality, and the stomach pains that plagued him for much of his life.

Despite his troubled past, the singer-guitarist insists in the video that he's doing well. "I haven't felt this optimistic since right before [my parents'] divorce," he says in the interview, which took place less than a year before his death on April 5, 1994.

Watch the piece above, and be sure to check out this in-depth breakdown of the In Utero reissue and read SPIN's 1993 cover story on Nirvana, who are currently up for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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