Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Think Out Loud #60: Reunited - The Voice

Welcome to 
This is a weekly meme I post on Thursdays
and I would love it if you would post along with me!
It is so EASY!
You can literally post ANYTHING you want.
A rant, a rave, a recipe, a video, a picture of your breakfast.
Whatever YOU WANT!!

I just realized this was #60 for Think Out Loud!
I swear time flies faster every stinking year!

OK, back to the meme. lol

I love NBC's
The Voice!
Basically, love me some Blake Shelton.
So, when I saw the newest add for
the Season Premiere on Sept 23, 2013
I just knew I had to share it!
If nothing else you will get a good laugh.
Trust me.

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