Friday, September 20, 2013

Book Blogger Hop #10: Favorite Genre

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What is your favorite genre? List two of your fave books from this genre.

I would have to say my favorite genre is Dystopian.
Two of my fave books?
That's really hard!

Ok, I'm going to go with 

David Estes is one of my absolute favorite authors!
I highly recommend all of The Dwellers and Country Saga.
In fact, The Earth Dwellers, David's final addition to BOTH
of these series is SO worth reading through the other 6 books.
Here are my reviews if you are interested!

So that was 7 books, but who's counting? 

And Choice #2 would be...

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline!

Here is my REVIEW if you want to check it out!
This book was an absolutely innovative, cool read.
I know it's not a series, but sometimes a standalone book is a lovely thing!
If you grew up in the 80s and love pop culture this book
is soooo for you!
Highly recommended!

So, what is your fave genre and books?

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