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Review: The Man Who Walked in Darkness by Chris Strange

Title: The Man Who Walked in Darkness
Author: Chris Strange
Published: June 21, 2013
Publisher: Cheeky Minion
Format: E-book; 400pg
Source: Author
ISBN: 1490409955
Purchase at:
Barnes and Noble


Miles is back for another round of hardboiled pulp action in the two-fisted sequel to The Man Who Crossed Worlds.

Freelance Tunneler Miles Franco is having a bad time of it. He’s facing a trial that could see him spend the rest of his days in prison. Hallucinations of dead men haunt him day and night. And to top it all off, one of his bandmates has been poisoned by a toxin from another world.

Miles doesn’t take kindly to people killing his friends. Now he’ll have to walk the darkest road he’s ever been down. With corrupt corporations on one side and fanatical interdimensional gangsters on the other, he doesn’t hold out any hope he’ll come out of this alive. But he has a promise to keep.

And Miles will burn every last world to the ground if it gets him answers.


"So here's how it is. The name's Miles Franco, and I'm a freelance Tunneler. You see, there's our world, and then there's another one, the one some asshole named Heaven. A world of instability and randomness, a cruel parody of our world, populated by a race called the Vei. Sometimes people want to cross worlds or send stuff through without going through the proper channels. That's where I come in. I open Tunnels and transport people between the worlds, or I can tap into the chaos of Heaven and alter things in our world. I do that, and then I get paid. It's a living."

The Man Who Walked In Darkness is one of the most captivating books I have read. As is the Chris Strange standard, the story grabs you right from the beginning and never lets you take a breather. The plot is simple enough, right? There are the good guys, the bad guys, the good guys you think are bad guys and vice versa and then there is Miles. Well, maybe not that simple...

Miles is obviously the catalyst of the story and damn he does a good job of effing things up most the time. Miles Franco is one of my absolute favorite characters! He is stubborn as hell and hard to keep down. The poor guy sure can take an ass whoopin though! I was first introduced to Miles Franco in The Man Who Crossed Worlds and loved it. My review is HERE if you are interested.

The gang is back. All of the supporting characters, like Detective Vivian Reed, Desmond and Tania, are dedicated to helping Miles survive. Sometimes, even risking their own lives for his. But, even through the surly quips that are classic Franco, you can tell he obviously cares for them just as much.

Chris Strange is an amazing author with a solid voice. I cannot give him enough praise. His story-telling ability is definitely top notch in my opinion. His characters are full of life and depth that is rare these days. The noir style with the sci-fi edge is brilliant. Basically, if you can handle some violence and language then I highly recommend The Man Who Walked In Darkness.

5 stars for The Man Who Walked in Darkness!

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