Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goals: Bout of Books 8.0

Hello all!
Welcome to my Goal Post for 
Bout of Books is a no pressure Read-A-Thon
that will be running from Aug 19-25, 2013.
There are challenges, giveaways and a grand prize!
You can sign up HERE!
And then add your Goal Post HERE!

So, I have participated in a few Bout of Books
and I usually fail miserably.
Something happens every time where I 
don't meet my goals...
So, this time I am setting them very low!

Time Devoted to Reading:
I am going to try to read at least an hour a day. (Hopefully more!)

My Goals:
To finish at least one book during the Read-A-Thon.
Comment on at least 25 blogs a day.
Participate in at least one challenge.

My Reading List:

If I finish that I would like to read

I have decided that I will do a daily update post 
rather than going back to the original goal post. 
Here is the info I will be updating...

Currently Reading:
Percentage read:
Books finished:
The day in 6 words:
Challenges Completed:
Blogs commented on:

I am REALLY looking forward to this Read-A-Thon!
Hope to see you there!
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