Thursday, July 11, 2013

Think Out Loud #52: My Bookshelves!

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 This week, I finally got around to re-organizing my bookshelves!
Might sound lame to others, but it felt like Christmas to me!
I had so many crammed on my TBR shelf I didn't even remember
what I had. That was a bummer. Plus, it just didn't look pretty.
So, I fixed it!
Here are some pics...

This first shelf is my most prized books.
See if any are your faves too!
(The first pic is the top half, second down is bottom.)
As you can see, I am slightly addicted to the writing of Cassandra Clare. LOL

This one is what used to be packed with all my TBR, 
it is much, MUCH better now.

Now, this last one still looks messy, but it is behind the door to 
my bedroom so I consider it fair play in the stacking department. Ha.
Now the first shelf is my TBR!
The second shelf is books I am going to hopefully have giveaways for soon!
The rest is a mixture of my movie/music collection.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my book world!
I would love to see your shelves!
Stay cool and 
Party On!

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