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Review: The Year of the Great Seventh by Teresa Orts

Title: The Year of the Great Seventh
Author: Teresa Orts
Publish Date: July 6, 2013
Publisher: Drayton Press
Format: Paperback; 308 pg
Source: Author
ISBN: 1479284866

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Sophie has always felt out of step-an outsider, even amongst friends in her high school with all the hype about celebrity culture. Her life in L.A. seems to have been already written for her, but when her junior year starts, it all takes a drastic turn. When she crosses paths with the school's heartthrob, Nate Werner, they fall for each other in a way neither can understand. What they don't know is that by giving in to their desires, they are unlocking an ancient Egyptian prophecy that threatens to return Earth to the dark ages. To undo the curse, Nate and Sophie embark on an adventure that takes them across the country. But their quest is not only to save the world as they know it. It is also a fight for their very survival. Behind the scenes, there are those that are counting on them to fail.


The Year of the Great Seventh is the story of Sophie and Nate. To say their relationship is dramatic is an understatement. In fact, I would say the first 2/3 of the book are Sophie obsessing about Nate. For that reason, I found Sophie really aggravating. It was like she had no sense of self and even when it was obvious there were bigger problems, she still stewed over her "relationship" with Nate. At least I had some sort of reaction to Sophie though. The rest of the characters, including Nate, never really made me care about what was happening to them.

This book was extremely slow paced and I hate to say, redundant. The clues were explained about 20 times. Sophie even has like 2 pages of the book where all she does is recount all the events that have happened up to that point. So, up until about the last 20 pages of the book, there is basically no action. Unfortunately, by the time the little bit of action got there, I had completely lost interest and was reading in autopilot mode.

I was looking through other reviews and they are somewhat mixed but overall positive. This book has 4.46 stars on Goodreads. Maybe, I just really missed something. I did like the Egyptian mythology aspect, but overall I honestly feel this book was lacking in many areas.

2 stars for The Year of the Great Seventh.

I’m Teresa Orts, a young adult fantasy author. My first novel, The Year of the Great Seventh, will be published by Drayton Press in July, 2013.

I enjoy reading novels that keep me at the edge of my seat—the ones that you can’t stop thinking about for months. I love traveling the world and living by my own rules, as well as small pleasures such as chocolate, the rain, and hanging out with friends.


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