Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Think Out Loud #43: Bruno Mars

It's that time again!!
Time to post whatever you want!
It can be a recipe, a rant, a funny pic or a genius idea.
Just share!
Full information for Think Out Loud meme HERE.
So, I was sitting here wondering what I should do for tomorrows
Think Out Loud. 
Then, an answer appeared in the form of
Bruno Mars.
I was sitting here bored.
Which super sucks, because today is my BIRTHDAY!
Anyways, Bruno Mars comes on my player singing
Locked Out of Heaven.
Instantly cheered me up!
If you don't know what the hell I am talking about,
here is the video!

And if you still don't recognize him, here is his latest song.
When I Was Your Man.

Or maybe an earlier hit?

I also remembered hearing an interesting fact about Bruno,
so I looked it up in Wikipedia. Here is what it said:

He (Bruno Mars) spawned five number one singles in the US, the only male who reached five leaders more quickly than Bruno Mars was Elvis Presley. Besides this, only him and Adele where able to achieve the feat of making a song number 1 to feature piano and vocals exclusively in the chart's more than five-decade history.

Yes, that is right. Bruno Mars is second only to ELVIS?!?
That's pretty bad ass, in my opinion.

So, what is your Think Out Loud?

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