Thursday, May 2, 2013

Think Out Loud #42: Computers...

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So, I finally got my new bad ass desktop computer
with my new 23" monitor!!!!
It is so awesome.
It is everything I wanted it to be an more!

On the other hand, Toshiba are dumb asses and
sent my repaired laptop to my PO Box instead
of my physical address. FedEx won't 
deliver to PO Boxes.

So, you know what I got to do today?
I got to drive an hour an a half one way just to pick up 
my laptop at the nearest authorized FedEx.
\It has been pouring rain all day and is like 40degrees.
WTF Oklahoma!!!

Anyways, I get home with my boxed up laptop after
my hour and a half drive home. 
I sent it in because it was overheating.
The first time they replaced the fan and sent it
back and the back cover of the laptop 
wasn't even screwed together properly.

I got it back after the first time and it was still overheating.
I sent it back in for this repair and you want to know what happened?
They replaced the freaking hard drive!
All my data is gone.
I had it backed up, so it is just the issue of reloading
everything that is a bitch.

This is my question though...
What does a hard drive have to do with the computer overheating???

I don't know much about computers so really confused.

Ok, I am done ranting. LOL
I should be able to start blogging regularly again now.

What is your Think Out Loud?

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