Thursday, March 14, 2013

Think Out Loud #35: TED Talks - Amanda Palmer

In case you did not know, this is Amanda Fucking Palmer.
This is Amanda during her TED Talks. I had never heard of the TED talks until Amanda started blogging and tweeting about being so nervous about her talk and asking for love and bouncing ideas around. Anyways, the TED Talks are basically huge conferences where people from 3 worlds: Technology, Entertainment and Design are brought together to exchange innovative ideas. In fact their actual mission statement is: Spreading Ideas. How much more badass can you get?
Anyways, here is the embedded version of Amanda Palmer's TED Talk that I thought was absolutely brilliant. It is about 14 min long so be prepared. But totally worth it! The name is

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

If you have followed and paid attention to my blog, I have mentioned Amanda Palmer several times.
That is because she has saved my life several times.
Not to be melodramatic, but being honest.
I love this woman and I have never met her in real life.
Never even been able to go to a show.
But I have loved her since 2003.
She is so unique in her ability to connect with her audience thru music and life.
Just watch her latest video for The Bed Song.
I dare you not to cry.

You can even get her latest album for FREEEEEE, HERE
It is called Theatre Is Evil. Trust me and listen to it.

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