Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: ZED: A Cosmic Tale by Michel Gagne

Title: Zed: A Cosmic Tale
Michel Gagne
Published: Nov 25, 2002
Publisher: Gagne Intl Press

ISBN: 0971905304
Author Website



When Zed goes to planet Xandria to demonstrate his invention in front of the galaxy's hierarchy, something goes wrong, terribly wrong. Meet a most unusual cast of characters including: Krah, the loudest band in the universe, Maxuss, a sadistic tyrant, Macku and his incredible spaceship, and our unlikely hero Zed who gets caught in a deadly chain of traumatic events. An intense sci-fi series that will make you laugh one second and shock you the next.


Zed is a stellar graphic novel. The artwork and story are absolutely spellbinding. The main subjects of Zed are faith and war. These are tough topics for any writer, but Gagne handles them with humor. Gagne also has a talent for telling a story with just a picture. Zed really was amazing to experience. But, if this graphic novel was in color, some parts would have been a little gruesome for my taste. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that needs a good laugh. 

5 stars to Zed for making me think about my part in the universe.

And I am almost positive that as long as you are signed in to, you can get this book without having to be approved. The ONLY down thing for me was that the file is in .acsm format, so you have to download another Adobe program to read it on you computer. Really not that big of a deal, so go check it out!! Just click HERE!
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