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Giveaway/Review/Interview - Protector by Vanna Smythe

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There is also an Interview with Vanna Smythe,
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Title: Protector
Series: Anniversary of the Veil #1
Author: Vanna Smythe
Format: E-book
Published: March 10, 2012
Publisher: Vanna Smythe
ISBN: 1477408398
(ISBN13 9781477408391)



Kiyarran just wanted to become a Protector of the Realm, a member of an elite order of fighters. Strange and powerful magical abilities awaken inside him once his wish comes true. The Priesthood that secretly controls the realm see his skill as a threat, and Kiyarran begins to learn that little about life as a Protector is what he thought it would be. To top it off, Kiyarran is falling in love with Princess Issiyanna, his friend of many years.

Issiyanna faces and arranged marriage, but she has been dreaming of another man, her one true love. Now her long gone mother is calling to her, promising she will return and take Issiyanna to meet the man from her dreams.

The world is split in half by a barrier called the Veil. A terrible sacrifice was made to put it in place and now, as the 1000th Anniversary of the Veil draws near, a second sacrifice is called for to keep it in place.

Both Kiyarran and Issiyanna are needed for the Anniversary. Even though they only just learned of the Veil and neither know the role they must play …

I met Vanna Smythe on this magical internet thingy. She was asking if anyone wanted to review her book for a book tour. It was called Protector and had a kick-ass cover, so I contacted Vanna. She was kind enough to provide me with a review copy in return for an honest review. I love it when that happens!

I must admit, while reading the Prologue, I was thinking I was totally lost. There is tons of information and characters thrown at the reader. I just kept going though because the writing was excellent. I am so glad that I did!

The author, Vanna Smythe, has a wonderful way of weaving her words into a story. The imagery and world building were stellar. The characters were believable and I could relate to their emotions. Kae is such an amazing character. I really felt empathy for him as he went through his struggles. And Issa was such a contrast of vulnerability and strength.

Protector is a book that actually requires some skills to keep up with all of the characters. At times, it seems confusing, but just go with it because as miniscule as a character may seem, they will serve a purpose. I love it when that happens!

In my opinion, Vanna Smythe has proven she is an excellent writer. Protector is the proof of that. Now I just can't wait to read the 2nd in the series, Decision Maker!

4 stars to Protector.


1. Tell us why you chose to write fantasy fiction?

I've always been a huge fan of fantasy fiction, so when I decided to try my hand at writing a book it was a natural choice for me.

2. They say write what you know, which to authors, may be to read in the genre they write. Do you read fantasy? What other genres do you like to read?

I read a lot of fantasy, but I also like the classics, as well as modern mainstream fiction. I'm also very partial to spy thrillers.

3. How did you know you should become an author?

Since I can remember, I just knew that I was a good writer and that one day I would write a book. Eventually I did ;)

4. Apart from fantasy, are there any other elements in Protector?

Protector has a huge romantic element in it. The whole story basically revolves around Issa's (the main heroine) desire to be with the man she loves. This man is, however, not Kae (the main hero) who feels a deep and unrequited love for Issa.  Also, in the world of Protector the energy that is released when two people who are basically soul mates come together is used towards some practical end (righting a wrong, controlling the weather, …). So love is at the heart of the story, though not in the strict romance novel sort of way.

5. Who is your favorite character and why?

Kae is my favorite by far. In the first draft, he was supposed to be one of the side characters, but he just came to life as I wrote the book and finally became the main character. He's the one that grows the most as the story progresses, and he'll always be the first "real" character I created.

6. Who is your least favorite or hardest character to bring to life on the pages of Protector?

Oddly enough, I had the most problems with Issa. And she was supposed to be the main heroine ;) Though I think in book 2, I've finally managed to get her down on the page as she's supposed to be.

7. Do any of the characters in your book reflect your characteristics?

Yes, pretty much all of them to some degree. I don’t base my characters on any particular person, but rather mix and match characteristics to create whole new people.

8. What is the hardest lesson you’ve since being published?

That constant promotion is key. It is not enough to write a great book, you must also make sure people hear about it.

9. Do you have any upcoming appearances or contests you’d like readers to know about?

I will be releasing the second book in my series by the end of 2012. So the December/January period will be full of great giveaways. Please visit my blog for the contest info.

10. Where can readers find your books?

Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1) is available now form Amazon and Smashwords.

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Twitter: @Vanna_Smythe

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