Monday, October 22, 2012

Think Out Loud #15: Theatre Is Evil

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This week I am going to review the amazing new album,
Theatre is Evil
Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra.

This is Amanda Palmer.

This is Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra.

My fave review of Theatre is Evil from Wikipedia: Adam Rathe of Spin, stated "If Theatre Is Evil does anything, it should make clear that [Amanda] Palmer's not just a fundraiser par excellence but someone who's energized enough people with her work to be able to create exactly the kind of record that makes people love music in the first place."

My Review of Theatre is Evil:

Theatre is Evil is surprising me. It is so excellent that I have listened to it at least 20+ times since it was released in September. And I mean from start to finish listen, in order. And trust me, I'm a shuffle kind of gal. 
This album is so different from the "usual" Palmer identity of piano and ukulele.  

Some of the songs like "Grown Man Cry" remind of an 80's vibe. (in a good way) I will be honest, at first listen I wasn't convinced. But after the second listen I was hooked. Theatre is Evil has the perfect mix of upbeat and mellow songs.

My upbeat favorite would probably be "Want It Back." I will include the video below but I warn you it contains nudity as a form of art. There is nothing perverse about it. Amanda Palmer just loves being naked. I have been a constant fan since The Dresden Dolls in 2003. I have a complete fan-girl crush on Amanda Palmer. She is a very inspiring person, in my opinion. But damn do that girl LOVE being butt-naked.

It's so weird, every time I listen to Theatre is Evil I still notice something new which, of course, makes me love this album even more. She has an astounding knack with her lyrics. However outlandish, you can still relate.

And you want to know the bestest thing about Theatre is Evil? You can get it free! Amanda Palmer has one download where you can pay anything you want from $0.00 to $1 zillion. There is also another download for $1.00. This pays for the royalties to get you 4 ADDITIONAL songs + Theatre is Evil. One of the additional songs is a brilliant cover of Lana Del Ray's "Videogames" that anyone could get addicted to.

So, I completely 100% recommend Theatre is Evil. If you have never heard of Amanda Palmer you should give her a try. She is pretty effing awesome.

Now comes all the links and videos. I really hope you enjoy!

Go to this link to get your Free Download of Theatre is Evil (or $1.00 for 4 additional songs):

More ...
Amanda Palmer YouTube
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Want It Back (Contains nudity) - YouTube won't give me the right option to Embed! Grrr.
Ok. I think I found a censored one that will work now... We will see.

Polly (Nirvana Cover) 

Awesome right!

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