Monday, September 17, 2012

Think Out Loud #10 (Mumford & Sons)

Hello all.
Welcome to the 10th edition of Think Out Loud!
A weekly meme that encourages bloggers to do
something out of the ordinary for their blog.
A time to do whatever YOU want!
And who doesn't appreciate that? 

I post every Monday to get the Linky up.
You can post whatever day during the week YOU want!
Notice the theme here?

Ok. Let's get down to biznizz.

I love Mumford and Sons.
I think they are extremely talented.
I have a total crush on Marcus Mumford.
Grrr baby yeah.
Wanna see why I think that?
I will show some examples to the class.

Marcus is the sexy man on the far left and far right. The 3 men in the middle are the "Sons" of Mumford and Sons. Left to Right: "Country" Winston Marshall (banjo), Ben Lovett (piano) and Ted Dwane (bass). All of them are absolutely amazing vocalists too. But Marcus is still my baby... Eh Erm...
Moving on, the whole reason I thought about doing this for Think Out Loud was because I was out on my back porch and could hear my neighbor playing his guitar and singing this song, "Wagon Wheel". The only reason I knew the song is because of Mumford and Sons, so here we are!
The only version I could find to show you is an audio recording of Wagon Wheel on the BBC. Here is that, and there is more after!
Wagon Wheel (Cover) by Mumford and Sons

And well, now I am just going to go ape-shit posting my favorite videos of
Mumford and Sons. 
You should check them out. 
Watching them perform is intense.

Little Lion Man 

The Cave (Bookshop Sessions)

White Blank Page (Bookshop Sessions)

I hope you enjoyed at least some of the music! Don't forget to link up at the bottom!
Mumford and Sons also has a new album dropping
September 24, 2012 called Babel.

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