Friday, September 21, 2012

One Lovely Blogger Award!

Hello all.
Today I have been lucky enough to receive the 
One Lovely Blogger Award!
A big thanks to Alex at 
She is the one who bestowed this upon me.
Now, let's get down to how it works, shall we?

  • You must include the Lovely Blog Award Logo in your post.
  • Thank the person that nominated you!
  • Select 15 blogs you think are deserving of the award and pass it along. Don't forget to comment and let them know the won.
  • You must share seven random facts about yourself.
Here goes nothing... first with the facts.

1.  I love Dr. Pepper.
2.  I am terrified of spiders.
3. Mice don’t freak me out though.
4.  Snakes are iffy.
5.  Horses totally scare me because they are so big!
6.  House flies annoy the shit out of me
7. When I was six I found a wasp nest. I wanted to know what the buzzing was. Well, five stings to the face later I found out. I fucking hate wasps! I scream, flail and run if one comes within 15 feet of me to this day.

15 Lucky Blogs to receive the One Lovely Blog Award...
1. Alana – Dark Obsession Chronicles :
2. Insightful Minds Reviews -
3. The Librarian – Madaug’s Attempt at Book Reviewing :
4. Kristen Cayne – Writing with Kristin Cayne :
5. The Reading Fish :
6. The Princess of Storyland :
7. Rotten Apple Reads:
8. A Daydreamer's Thoughts:
9. The Muse's Circle:
10. Never Too Fond of Books:
11. Shut Up and Read:
12. Owl Read It:
13. Lisa Loves Books:
14. Harley Bear Book Blog:
15. Smash Attack Reads:

If I tagged someone that is an Award Free Zone, I apologize in advance. I tried to check, but might have missed it. I hope that all who participate will come back and share your posts in my comments! However, if you were nominated and don't want to post links to 15 people, you can at least post the Award pic and 7 random things. Because it's fun!
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