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Giveaway/Review: "The Omega Option: Rise of Draconis" by Rick T. Hodges

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"The Omega Option: Rise of Draconis"
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When a soulless, inhuman force descends upon Professor Li Jun Wong’s Antarctic expedition, search and rescue operations discover only his mutilated crew and a cryptic journal left behind.  Confronted with the malevolent force, a covert government agency discovers a sub-oceanic base long abandoned by aquatic aliens in the northwest Pacific.  Someone, or reactivating the alien base, threatening to collapse the earth’s magnetic field, exposing the planet to catastrophic solar effects.

Ex-Special Forces Commander, Joe Dalton, leads the interdiction force...unaware it will exhume old secrets long since buried with Professor Wong’s ill-fated expedition.   Amidst the emerging threat, Dalton reassembles his former Special Operations team; finding each man imperiled among the most remote deathtraps on earth.  

Joe then reunites with his former love interest, Sunjida Wong, heiress to her missing father’s International Institute of Oceanography.  Aided by her scientific genius - and the secrets of an ancient alien sarcophagus in her possession - The Omega Team launches into desperate battle against parahuman a bold quest to save the human race from impending cosmic destruction.  

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The Omega Option is an action packed thriller! From Sasquatch to Giant Squid to a new race of alien beings, this book covers the bases.

The Omega Option follows Commander Joe Dalton and his trusty team through a trial of impossible obstacles. Well, not impossible for The Omega Team! These guys (and gal) are indestructible when it comes to carrying out their specialties in a mission to save the world.
Either Rick Hodges is the most amazing fiction writer on the planet, or some of this is real. The descriptions that flow throughout the novel are extremely detailed and make it seem as though you are seeing the complete picture painted by the author. The research that must have gone into this novel simply blows my mind. Hodges not only entertains but educates his readers at the same time.

The plot focused on the battle to save the Earth. Of course, there are side plots as well. This gives the book dimension, in my opinion. Most of the side plots are related to the main characters relationships with each other. It was interesting to learn about the sensitive side of these hard-ass warriors.

This book was different to me because the first few chapters are dedicated to introducing the reader to the members of the Omega Team. The novel showcases the characters capabilities by placing them in the most dire situations imaginable. Yet, somehow they prevail. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I can’t wait until Book 2 to find out what happens to them.

5 STARS to "The Omega Option: Rise of Draconis" for an excellent thrill ride!

And now, meet the author of this great book!

Rick Hodges is a former Special Forces Medical Sergeant with a Bachelor of Science degree.  After retiring from the U.S. Army in September of 2003, he continued to perform on various Department of Defense & corporate contracts in Southwest Asia until January 2012.  Having spent his life in austere locations amidst hostile environments, Hodges’ writing style reflects his worldwide, cross-cultural, and Special Operations combat experience.  Currently, he resides in Oklahoma where he continues to write “The Omega Option” series.

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