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Giveaway/Book Tour: Crimson Darkness by Amos Cassidy

Hello all.
Welcome to my stop on the Crimson Darkness Book Tour!
The authors were awesome and gave me an excerpt
from Crimson Darkness to share with you today.
The book releases on September 1, 2012,
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London is in the grip of an unnatural darkness. Rose is in the grasp of an unrelenting power and Raven and Thistle, along with their supernatural allies, are battling to survive and find a way to restore their home city.

For the fey, the song remains the same. They must return the power to Faerie or die. Unfortunately for them, the task has been superseded by an even more important one - help save Earth or perish along with it!

For Rose, the stakes are even higher as she is forced to make a terrible deal that will damn her if she does and damn her if she doesn’t.

Now enemies must work together as allies if they are to save their worlds from an ancient threat…

Crimson Darkness Excerpt:
She felt as well as heard the deep rumble vibrating in his chest. His grip on her throat loosened a fraction and his fingers caressed the tender flesh at the base of her throat.
Rose’s blood turned to ice…every woman’s nightmare, and it was going to happen to her!

“Feed.” The word was soft and guttural, the breath hot and moist against the delicate shell of her ear
Her mind spun in confusion. What the…maybe he wasn’t going to violate her…she felt a rush of relief until another disturbing thought hit her - oh God! He was going to eat her!

Her body went into full panic mode, the instinct to fight then flee surging up ten fold within her and with it came her Earth Mage power. It latched onto her emotions, her desire for escape and she allowed it to rise, filling her with its molten heat and brilliant light.

The figure, pinning her, shifted and she found herself staring into two bright iridescent amber eyes. Flecks of gold weaved and shifted in those tawny pools and for a moment her power faltered and swayed, entranced.
A warm lethargy, unrelated to her abilities swamped her limbs and her eyes fluttered almost closed.
She gazed rapt at those beautiful orbs of promise.

Despite the heat and lethargy filling her, a ripple flew over her skin leaving tiny goose-bumps in its wake.
Those eyes commanded. Wanted. And she wanted to give. Her lips parted as a soft sigh of pleasure escaped her.

“Mine.” The word was a low rumble, full of wonder and possession.

“Yes…yes.” Rose breathed, and then gasped as heat rushed to her core.

The eyes moved closer.

A sharp crackling sound filled the air, the eyes jerked back followed by a whoosh of air. The chill left behind by the body that no longer tried to possess her blew away the mist clouding her mind, and her thoughts were suddenly sharp and clear.

She struggled to sit up.

What had she been doing? She had to get out of here, wherever this was.

She heard a grunt, a growl, a whistle, the sound of flesh meeting flesh but not in a nice way.


Her progress was halted by a number of wires that seemed to be attached to her skin.


She yanked at the wires and winced as they came away with a soft ripping sound.

The sounds of a struggle continued in the shadows away from the circle of green light, which she could now see was cast by a small hospital monitor behind her.

No time to waste.

She needed to scram while her…attacker, seducer, whatever, was busy with whomever had interrupted their little tete-a-tete.

She made a note to thank her rescuer at a later date, preferably once the threat had been eliminated.

Turning, she rushed into the darkness away from the noise and ran smack into something hard and cold, her face ricocheting painfully off the surface as she let out a soft “Oof”.

The box.

A screech filled the air.

A siren.

Someone grabbed her from behind pressing themselves against her. She knew that heat, that scent.

Her attacker.

“Mine,” he growled. “I need!”

“NO!” A new voice issued the ice cold command.

Red lights flashed filling the box. She turned her head slightly, desperate to see her captor’s face and gasped in shock. It was a face made up of angles made all the more prominent by a hairless scalp. He looked lethal.
But not for long, as a boot attached to a leather clad leg hit him in the face less than a second later.
She flew back, released from his grasp.

“Move creature!” her rescuer commanded, before shoving her unceremoniously out of his way as he barrelled toward his target.

The lights continued to flash. She pressed up against the glass, desperate to escape and equally curious to see this others’ face.

The crash of a door being flung open.

Someone turned on the lights almost blinding her.

Then all hell broke loose.
Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!
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