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Book Tour: "The End Begins: The Nine" by Jeff Zweig II

Title: The End Begins: The Nine (The Trinity Trilogy)
Author: Jeffrey Zweig II
Published: Sept 28, 2011
Publisher: Self-published
Purchase: Amazon

The Nine. Once an academy for training students in the ways of wizards and alchemists, has become a facility for harvesting the powers of students for study.

Cassarah Telmar escaped the Nine, vowing to bring it down.

But is the choice to live as a slave or to die with freedom one she can make alone?

Hello all!
I am so excited to be participating in this book tour for The End Begins: The Nine. This tour is brought to you by the group Making Connections at

First of all, let me say that the author, Jeffrey Zweig II, is a dream to work with! He is so nice and is also providing me with an excerpt of one of his NEW projects, Blender. The following is the awesome guest post!

Excerpt of Blender
A Caleb Knight Short Story
By Jeffrey Zweig II
Edited by Heather Delaney
Copyright 2012

I tried to rub the sand out of my eyes, caked in from three days of military drills. Without my younger staff, who died in D.C. when the Coalition firebombed it, I was the only officer immediately available capable for making these men and women, whom represented the latest of the Union private military company, battle ready. That was a burden that after the Occupation, as it was being called among the ranks, I was more than happy to take on. It was normal - no magicians or pieces of fruit trying to explode and wipe out the universe. It was me, my men, and the open camp as we tried to prepare for what came next.
The U.S.A. needed our help to rebuild since the Coalition had been dissolved, leaving the country n more ruin than when it came. Like it or not - this country was my home for now. Yet even with comfortable settings - things are still hectic. Recently there was an attack in New York from Coalition loyalists. We weren't sure of their intentions, but it destroyed any sense that this "war" with them was over. The Coalition mainstays may have been taken down, knowing that from personal experience, but those that weren't caught were making their own trouble now.
That's what spurred this little excursion to an empty field in Virginia. We set up a camp of five tents, mine made six, and we run the drills, scenarios, and have pep talks - most of these people were green behind the ears, barely out of boot camp before being thrust into another set of grueling training and preparation. It had been already a long couple weeks already, and I had at least four more months in the pipeline ahead of me and I'd not even got into the deep top secret stuff they were going to have to know. I would lose some, then or later, but that's the nature of the job, unfortunately.
I was happy to know most of them were Americans so they had more of a stake than say someone from Britain, Canada, or one of the many sub-civilizations residing in US borders. They had unpowered, and n turn, more desire to fight for what was theirs. I was happy they had fight in them. It seemed the shrinking of the country only made it tighter, even with a government left in shambles thanks to the Coalition’s games.
The Union and some others were doing to best to see this country did not fall. The global economy was already on shaky legs. If one of the superpowers were to fall, it would be a domino effect. To know that I had a hand in making that happen was scary. I wounded if proving up an entire nation was something I could do.
I was sitting on the stiff cotton cot after I woke up bout twenty minutes prior. it seemed late because I was up all night trying to work out supply lists, recruitment rosters, and a plethora of other “important” stuff I wasn't really concerned with. It was hot, so I only had a pair of slim shorts on and I was still sweating to death. The only thing that felt cool were the crystals
Imbedded in my body; my arms, chest, and shoulders like large dull pressure points of cold - not sure what that was about, but it happened all the time now. Maybe it was the weight loss from all the exercise. I hoped that's what it was.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Growing up in Northwest Indiana, Jeff pursued creative endeavors in TV, Film, live stage, and musical productions. He continued in college majoring in TV/Film production with an emphasis on screenwriting and the labor-intensive production process.
As the ebook market began expanding, on the digital front he decided to write a novel based on a screenplay he'd been working on which became The End Begins: The Nine.
His genre focus has been science fiction/fantasy, but likes to experiment with any genre he can create layered, complex characters. His influences stem from China MiƩville, Robert A. Heinlein, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Mira Grant.
He's also an avid Kickstarter supporter.

Blog: Stories of the Sleepless Mind
Zweig Independent Publications:

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