Sunday, July 15, 2012

Think Out Loud #1

Hello everyone!
I have decided to try something new, a meme!
I really hope everyone will enjoy this and run with it.

Click HERE to go to the main page for the 
Think Out Loud Guidelines.
Since this is the first attempt at this, I will list them here too.

What is Think Out Loud?
Think Out Loud is a weekly meme I have created to allow bloggers to break out of the blogging bubble. Consider your Think Out Loud posts a time to do WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Why should I participate?
Think Out Loud promotes thinking outside of the box. You can use this feature to post things you ordinarily wouldn't. For example, if you usually write book reviews, step outside of your comfort zone. 
Post a funny story, a rant, a cool pic or video, ANYTHING.
Consider it a complete free for all.

How do I participate?
  • Each Sunday 12:01am CST, there will be a Think Out Loud post on Thinks Books. You don't have to post on Sunday! Feel free to post any day Sunday AM thru Sat PM.
  • Please link back to Thinks Books in your post! (
  • Add your name and post link into the InLinkz form on my post so people can find you.
  • Please use the button or html I provided in your post for Think Out Loud. 
  • Please take the time to check out the other blog links to see what everyone decided to Think Out Loud!

So, here is my Think Out Loud for this week!

Have you ever walked into a department store cologne department 
and thought your eyes were going to pop out of your head
from the toxic mixture of smells they seems to make?

If so, you will completely relate to this picture below...
This is named "Perfume" 
and it is by one of my favorite artists,
M.C. Escher.

You've seen mine.
Now show me yours!!
Think Out Loud.

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