Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: All Claws: Stories of the Urban Werewolf by Marion Sipe

Title: All Claws: Stories of the Urban Werewolf
Author: Marion Sipe
Published: October 21, 2011
Publisher: Self-published

Goodreads Synopsis:
A collection of three stories featuring urban werewolves: Best Friends (Flash), in which Matthew's best friend Jake has outstayed his welcome, at least Riley the Golden Retriever thinks so; Innocent Until Proven (Flash) in which, sick of jury duty, Amanda thinks she's looking forward to closing arguments, on a full moon; and Skinless (9,000 words) in which Albert's night out on the hunt turns into a scramble for his life which could leave him... Er, as the title implies.


This was a great collection of werewolf stories! They were all a bit disturbing, which is usually not my thing. Yet, for some reason, I just could not stop reading Sipe’s stories. The first two stories are great but the third has series possibility written all over it. “Skinless” tells the story of ‘Albert’. A werewolf needing to feed and find a new skin to wear. What he finds instead pulls you along on a fantastic, almost psychedelic trip as ‘Albert’ tries to discover what is happening to him. I can’t go into much more without revealing the plot! There are still some copies of All Claws up for grabs, HERE.

This only took me maybe 30 min or so to read. It is a very quick and engaging read that I recommend.

4 stars to All Claws: Stories of the Urban Werewolf for being gloriously grotesque!

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