Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog: I'm a Winner!

Hello to all!
I have been lucky enough to win THREE Giveaways!
I thought it only fair to mention the blogs that so kindly offered these giveaways 
and plus I want to brag about what I won!

The first thing I won was from Alana over at
Dark Obsession Chronicles
Her blog is amazing!
You should go check it out!
Dark Obsession Button

 I won an e-book copy of "Ink" by Holly Hood. So exciting!!

With this, I developed a bad habit...
now I was addicted to Giveaways!
So, I entered several more.
Lots I didn't win, but a couple more I did!

Next up, I won my choice of a $15.00 book from the Book Depository! 
This was from the wonderful people over on the Shut Up & Read Blog!

My choice of book was "The Iron Knight" by Julie Kagawa!

It just came in yesterday and I am so excited to read it and finish The Iron Fey series.
Much thanks to Sheri and Tana for being awesome!

And last but not least, I won TWO prizes from the Making Connections Blog!
Making Connections

One was a $10 Amazon Gift Card. 
I spent that on a desperately needed print cartridge. LoL.
The other prize was a paperback copy of 
"The Unseen" by Richie Tankersley Cusick. 
This book includes Part 1 & Part 2!! I can't wait to read it.

I want to thank ALL blogs that participate in Giveaways.
One day, when I grow up, I will have Giveaways too!!
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