Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: "Nette" by Barbara Rayne

By Barbara Rayne

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In a world where gender was distinguished by the eye color, blue for female and brown for male, she had the misfortune of being born as a brown eyed girl. Being ugly and a freak to everyone was the least of her troubles. immortal and destined to be a queen, her mere existence was a threat to the king. After everyone she loved was brutally murdered, she had no choice but to pursue the path she was destined. In a world that made it obvious there was no place in it for her, immortal Nette will have to make room even if it means killing them all.
This book is suitable for any age or gender, because it's a story about a girl that has been stigmatized in a society just because she was different. To make it more absurd, the first reason was the color of  her eyes. Her immortality just added to the fire!
Be it the color of the skin or worshiping a different God; I see hatred in our present society as equally absurd. I wanted to show how different people are treated, how our noble deeds can be overpowered by hate, and I spiced it up with a bit of romance!

Review of "Nette":

First, let me say that "Nette" was a wonderfully imaginative story. It really kills me to not give this book a glowing review because you can tell the author had a ton of passion while writing it. I did find myself wanting to finish to find out what happened, even though i knew what would. The author, Barbara rayne, had a certain message she wanted to get through to people about how hate is bad. Ok. I agree with that. But then why is it fine for Nette to hate and brutally kill those who wronged her? If Rayne wants to teach love and forgiveness it could have been done a bit more tactfully, and with less gore. The gore also makes me tend to think this book is NOT for all ages. 
Another thing that bothered me is that it was never explained why Nette had brown eyes or why she was chosen for all of those things. The writing/editing was so bad that I thought they were purposefully making Nette's speech staccato. This was until I realized all of the characters had errors in their speech. It was extremely distracting to me. Also, I was bothered by a couple of the lines in the story. One was when Raul tells his mother to stop speaking to him as if he is "retarded". The story is set 100 years in the future and people still talk like that? 

I am giving this book 2 stars because it was lacking in too many areas in my opinion. The story itself saved it from being a total disaster. I know this sounds harsh, but I have to be honest!
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