Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: "Neophyte" by Emmalee Aple

Hello to all!
Since I am a bad blogger and have not posted a review in a while, I thought I would try to play a bit of catch up. In the future, I will do my absolute best to post a review every Thursday. Hope this works! As always, any suggestions to my blog are completely welcomed.

I received a copy of this e-book through a group on called “Making Connections.” I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to read and review this ebook. My review will still be honest and unbiased. I hope it helps you decide if this book is for you or not.

“Neophyte”  is the story of Addisyn. Addisyn died a horrible but instant death and then was reborn into an Angel. However, it takes 5 years for her to fully develop into a true angel. Until then, she is more human and susceptible to human weaknesses.  She is surrounded by her “Link,” the group of angels that have become her new family and would do anything to protect her.

But why? Why? I found myself asking that many times while reading this book. Why is Farran after Addisyn? Why will no one tell I mean her… what is going on!?! I think what made me enjoy this story so much was the feeling of anticipation in waiting for answers to be revealed. I must admit though, if I had not known this was going to be continued in a series, I would have been disappointed in the ending. However, since we all will have the guilty pleasure of being able to continue along with the story of Addisyn it seems exciting!

In short,
I loved the storyline and the Angel theme.
The writing of Aple is very expressive and creative.
The second in the series will rock if it is as good as Neophyte.

I don’t know if it was just the file I got or what, but my copy from Smashwords had typos and grammar errors. It was enough to distract me from the beautiful story sometimes. That made me sad.

 I do know that if the author of Neophyte, Emmalee Aple ever needs someone to Beta Read for her I would jump at the chance because this material feels like it has great potential!

I am giving “Neophyte” 3 stars for a heavenly read.
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