Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog: Your Opinion Please

Hello to my 14 followers and all of the (hopefully) future followers! 

What do you think of my blog? I changed the font to plain ol' Arial, fearing the other font might have been a turn-off for most readers. I am so new to this so I really don't know for sure what is too much or what I am missing. Let's just say I have yet to find my balance. But YOU can help! If you would pretty please just look over my blog and then give me your opinion. It's ok, I can take it. I think....

For real though, tell me what you would like to see, what should perhaps be changed, anything. I am completely open to suggestions for my blog. I really am enjoying learning everything and there is so much to learn!

The biggest bonus is the blogging community. Everyone is so kind and so full of freaking knowledge. I love it! So, I am happy to be here and hope to chat with you all soon. Thank you for your time. =)

P.S. I just finished Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips today. Review coming soon!
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