Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make a Blog Button/Badge

Hello to all!
I just made my first blog button thanks to this fantastic tutorial from I am so happy and want to thank them so much for taking the time to share this. Below is the picture I am using as my button. Please feel free to go down my sidebar to find the link for my button if you would like to place it on your blog. I really love it and it turned out perfectly and actually works!

I used several online sites to create the final product. First, I had to create the button. I used to make both my button and my header on my blog. I think it works really well. They have tons of fonts and backgrounds to choose from and you can adjust the size to what you need. Plus, it is very easy to do. My favorite thing is easy to do, so, rock on!
Next, after I had saved the image to my computer, I uploaded it to I used the Photobucket editing tools to add in the Einstein picture and re-sized it a bit more. Then I used the instructions from the tutorial and Bam. Magic Button!
Just in case you don't want to jump over to the other tutorial, here is my short and sweet version.

1. In Blogger, open a HTML gadget. Title it "Grab my button" or whatever you want. Then place in this code:

<a border="0" href="Your Blog URL" target="_blank"><img src="URL Direct Link from Photobucket"/></a>

Save this. Go to your blog and click the picture to make sure the link works.

2. Open a new HTML gadget. Do not title it and place it directly under the 1st HTML box you created. Then place in this code:

<textarea rows="4" cols="20"><a border="0" href="Your Blog URL" target="_blank"><img src="URL Direct Link from Photobucket"/></a></textarea>

This will be the box that contains the text for people to copy to get your button! I really hope this was helpful to someone. It was to me. 

I will blog again soon. Thanks for reading!
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